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My name is Ben Beckford, I'm a programmer/developer of mainly web flavoured things, from London.

I'll have a proper site here again one day, but for now other than my day job I'm keeping busy with this stuff:

Monty Python's The Ministry of Silly Walks - The Game

I'm lead game designer/developer at Boondoggle Games, this is our first commercial game in association with John Cleese and Monty Python.

The Crime Prevention Website

Launched 7th April 2012, The Crime Prevention Website is the largest source of free crime prevention advice on the internet, built entirely on my own custom CMS.

Resolution Test

A Chrome Extension I made which now has over 100,000 users (as of 16/07/2012) and also got a mention on the official Google Blog.
It's for testing your websites/apps at different screen resolutions.

Unity Utilities

I've made a few small utilities for Unity.

Secret Santa Setup

A web app for setting up Secret Santa's with Facebook integration.
It has a feature to group couples/certain friends together that you don't want to 'get' eachother, and a very computer sciency genetic algorithm underneath it to try and make that happen.

More About Me

I'm experienced with Javascript, CSS, HTML, jQuery, PHP, mySQL, Flash AS3, iOS Development, C# and C++. I have a BSc Hons in Computer Games Programming from the University of Westminster. I used to be in this band. I'd rather have a bowl of coco pops.

Older Stuff

Here are some games I made at Uni:


This is the game I created for my thesis.
It was built from the ground up in C#/XNA and includes a bone animation system, a particle effects system, ray-traced bullets and bullet time. I only finished survival mode but I hope some day in the future I'll add more to it. You can download it for windows here or watch the development videos here.


This is a game I made with Chris Pritchard and James Wayland.
It was built in C#/XNA for a project to create an educational game. It's aim was to teach GCSE students about photosynthesis and it provides a quiz at the end to test students. It can be played with mouse/keboard or an Xbox 360 controller. You can download it for windows here.

Indiana James

This is a game I made with Chris Pritchard and James Wayland.
It's an attempt at a retro lucasarts style adventure game like Monkey Island or Day of the Tentacle, based around us and our university. You can download it for windows here - I've removed the intro video from it as it pushed the file size through the roof but you can still watch the intro here.

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